Friday, 28 August 2015

Sunshine in the Workshop

As you may know work is progressing nicely on the workshop area, everything's sparkly and new.  I caught the sunshine bouncing off the wall in the corridor the other morning.

I love the reflection of the lace and flowers on the windowsil
I also managed to make some garland for the "schoolroom" workshop area, these are  different size circles cut from vintage school exercise books, complete with (as my friend Di says) 'red rantings'!

 ...and the two extra school posters i found

The corridor all finished, i think the lighting in the workshop room is perfect, it's instant daylight.

 I love the edison style light bulbs but will have to check the light source on these, they do seem a bit dark, but look fab.

Lizzie following the sunshine, i can barely see her on this, she blends in very well

 I love this dove, i took it from the shop stock, it's part of a christmas display, i think it's better here
 The stairs on the way up to the workshops, just needs a good wash now

Sarah Young Tea Towels, i'd like to get the full set

There are still places available on this years workshops see previous post


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