Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Covering the walls

It's almost getting to the nicer part of preparing the workshop rooms....

...covering the walls with beautiful things.

I found some very decorative glass cupboards at TK Maxx recently.  I thought they were ideal to show off pieces of artwork in the workshop area as each piece is safe behind glass and can easily be removed when a change is required.

Another project was the stairs.  There are two flights of stairs here, one leading from the front door to the rooms (see below) and the other, clearly visible from the workshop, but leading to my home/living space.  I wanted something that was not too homey, but not too businesslike either.  

I got around the problem of those horrible brackets (holding the stairs together) by getting a runner and painting either side white.  (This is not properly fitted yet, i just rolled it out for show).  I have gorgeous copper stair grippers that will be fitted either side of the runner on each stair.

I also thought i'd remove the white gloss paint off the stair spindles (these spindles are listed and CADW protected!!)  I love the green flaked paint underneath, it's a bit tedious carefully removing it all, but will look great when/if finished.

The supplies room finally cleared...(ish)

..and on to the other stairs

I found this gorgeous wallpaper at B&Q - like planks of covered wood

This is what the stairs currently look like, but the paper i'd used, whilst pretty, wasn't durable and was very thin and therefore difficult to piece together

This is what it will look like, 
nicer when the stairs are re-painted too (please excuse the dirt there, it's had lots of moving of furniture up and down) 

There are still places available for the three workshops in September and October for Christine Kelly, Daisy Moon and Gretel Parker.  I will also be adding an extra one for November with Viv Sliwka of Hensteeth

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  1. It will be so lovely to work there when it's finished Tina! Love all your ideas. x Jo