Monday, 9 May 2016

A Beautiful Mess

The workshop area is currently in s state of  calm, being very tidy and organised.  Fortunately, however,  this won't last long as i'm currently preparing for my next workshop:

'Beneath the Surface' Patchwork Collage with me

 'Tina Gilmore.

Monday and Tuesdays are now my official days off, running a busy 'Antique and Interior' shop thus opening on Saturdays and Sundays doesn't give me/us any 'normal' weekend time.  However, i'm spending today continuing preparations for the above workshop so it's possibly two days of playing for me (in between some laundry and housework) and i'm so looking forward to it.

Here are some image details of the preparation progress, these are to show what can be achieved through the workshop day and what i'll be continuing to work on througout the next two days.

 blocks of wood substrate prepared with collage
 paints and images added
more collage

samples of wood substrate shown collaged around the edges

 various bits of collage 

 3D aspect - we will only touch on this part during this workshop due to time, but i will do another workshop covering the 3D element of the collage.  This image shows a raised heart,

 Metal stars and raised flowers

adding images and filling in 

There are a few places left so come and join us here at Indigo Moon Gallery and Workshops for a day playing and thoughtfulness... promises to be both messy and beautiful.

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  1. How I wish I was joining in the fun, it looks fantastic and so inspirational.
    Lynn xxx