Friday, 8 May 2015

Getting there...

A work in progress.

I'm feeling brave enough to show you some of the rooms and work i've been doing to prepare for the workshops.   It's been a pretty hard slog so far, especially given that we've been totally revamping the Indigo Moon Shop and are still working on the extension.

The rooms have now mostly been painted and the decision made not to knock a wall down (which i'm fairly relieved about).

So.... a very brief tour...please excuse the mess!

This is a long corridor and the first thing that will be seen by visitors.  
It still needs to be painted but i'll wait util all the furniture is moved into place to save 
damaging new paint.  

There is a bathroom just to the left and two rooms also to the left further down the corridor.  As you can see it's all very light and airy.  The room at the end of the corridor is the workshop room, with the first door on the left being a kitchen area and the other being a supplies room.

I'm still thinking about the floorboards, they're old and do look fab, so i may leave them as they are.

 This is the second room down the corridor (unfortunately the other one is full of shop stock at present so i can't photograph it).  This will be the supplies room, there are two huge victorian housekeeper cabinets (the blue one has very ornate doors to be put on), there is another cupboard just out of view and i have a huge set of haberdashery draws to go in (on loan from the shop).

 The table in the middle will be useful for supplies.

 This is the workshop space/room at the far end of the corridor as you can see it's also very light and airy.

Some painting to do and i'm working on lighting next

Oh ....and beautiful flowers here there and everywhere.

I'm looking forward to the workshops that are coming up in September and bookings are coming in already. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

If you'd like to book any of the workshops, pop over to the Website for details.  
Please email me at if you'd like to add your name to the mailing list for dates of workshops coming up in 2016.

More soon


  1. Well done Tina on all your hard work. The floorboards are fabulous. What have you done with that lovely carpet runner 😄

    1. Thanks Lynn, still al ong way to go. I like the floorboards too, rumour has it that they were from a mediaeval barn that was on this site before the house, but not sure how true that is. The house itself is about 1750's (ish) so it's possible! The carpet runner is still here, may put it on ebay at some point xx

  2. It's all looking good! I need to see your transformation of the shop too. Will pop over for a coffee once I am a bit more sorted in town. x Jo

    1. Always love to see you Jo, a coffee would be fab xx